We love clear, effective communication.

We think everyday communications should be relatable, navigable, easy to understand, and useful.

Our courses help professionals in nonprofits, government entities, and other mission-driven work make their systems work better for people by using plain language grounded in a social justice framework. We love applying plain language across sectors โ€” health, housing, legal aid, workforce, and more!

We have a growing list of online, self-paced courses to explore. Check out our live, virtual courses at litworks.org.

Intro Course: Plain language: what it isย โ€” and why it matters in equity-driven work

This course is an introduction to plain language and our approach at Clear Language Lab.

Who is this course for? Anyone interested in making their everyday content more user-friendly.ย 

How long will it take?ย We expect it will take about an hour, give or take.

How much does it cost? It is free.

Can you send me a certificate of completion to show I finished this course? There is a quiz at the end. For those who score 8 /10 of higher, we will send you a certificate of completion.

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FORMAT series (coming soon!)

Dive into short courses that examine how to practically apply plain language to different mediums such as flyers, slides, web content, and more.

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Contact Clear Language Lab Program Manager Sarah Glazer at [email protected].

Why Clear Language Lab?

"I am consistently impressed by the Clear Language Lab staff's ability to simplify materials to make them clear and easy to understand. The Clear Language Lab helps us to get out of our own heads and into the heads and hearts of our nonprofit partners."